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Sky Shuttle from Singapore to Senai Airport

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I could not find any review on the Sky Shuttle from Singapore to Senai Airport and I hope my post would help you on understanding how it works and how to travel to Senai Airport from Singapore.

Firstly, I will write a review on the experience. I thought that it was a very convenient ride although rather long. It takes about one hour to one and a half hours depending on the traffic. You wouldn't want to be in Johor Bahru (in Malaysia) during the peak hours 4.45pm to 5.45pm (give and take).

How far is Senai Airport from Malaysia CIQ?
My dear Mr Google told me it is approximately 25 kilometers away.

Where to board the Sky Shuttle? 
At Malaysia CIQ (Malaysian Customs), at Bay 24. It didn't take me long to look for it. As you exit the customs counters, you would be welcomed by banners to direct you to the bays. There would be banners reminding you of Bay 24 being the Sky Shuttle bay.

How often does the Sky Shuttle depart from Malaysia CIQ?
Not very often! This is very, very important. You would want to schedule your arrival so that you do not have to wait for two hours if the bus has just left. The Sky Shuttle comes in the interval of 2 hours!

Malaysia CIQ to Senai Airport:

0600, 0800, 1000,  1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2330

What if I am not flying with Air Asia?
Then you'll have to pay for the trip. It is reportedly to be 4 SGD which is very cheap compared to taking a taxi from Johor Bahru to Senai Airport. You may book your ticket online at their website:

What if I am flying with Air Asia?
If you're flying with Air Asia, you do not need to pay for this! It's free!!! Go to to register your Air Asia Booking Reference of 6 characters. Then you would be prompted to register your details and print the Travel Itinerary from the website. You would have to show this Travel Itinerary to the Sky Shuttle bus driver at Bay 24 at Malaysia CIQ.

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